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True craftsmanship in software development

We create user-friendly and intelligent software solutions by combining a range of high-quality software services with an excellent service level.

Custom software solutions

At Hightech ICT, we understand that your business needs reliable and future-proof applications that seamlessly fit into your environment and support your daily operations. Our dedicated software development team has over 10 years of experience in designing and developing custom solutions that are fully tailored to your business requirements.

We collaborate thoroughly with our customers through our proven Agile approach. Here stakeholders are involved from the very beginning of the development project, as they have extensive knowledge of their business processes. Our team brings in their in-depth expertise of software technology and its software development process. This proven way of working enables us to deliver solutions that meet the latest requirements and are fully accepted and adapted to your entire organization.

Integration solutions

Most organizations have multiple applications running in their enterprise landscape. Often these applications run isolated and are difficult or costly to integrate with other external solutions. For the daily operation and business continuity, it is utmost critical that these applications can communicate with each other. Hightech ICT offers services to develop seamless integrations for diverse applications to leverage synergy and gain competitive advantage for these diverse applications.

Cloud development strategy

Nowadays customers want to run their applications in the cloud more often. This requires either migration of their applications into the cloud or the development of new cloud-ready applications. Hightech ICT is specialized in cloud migrations and advises your business with the optimal cloud migration strategy. Once the strategy has been determined, Hightech ICT will act as your number one partner by helping you to carry out this strategy. Hightech ICT has expertise and experience in all stages (the five R’s) of cloud migration: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, and Replace.

Legacy software migration

Legacy systems are regularly causing operational delays, excessive work-force and bad user-experience. We have gained a lot of experience in modernizing these legacy systems with minimum disruption to the business. After analysis of the legacy application we create a detailed migration cookbook, describing what needs to be done from development up to deployment of the application. By using modern technology, the obsolete software gets migrated into innovative and future-proof solutions.

Industry specific solutions

We provide enterprises with domain knowledge and purpose-built applications, designed to meet unique business needs.

Digital video

Having established our business vertical Divverence in 2015, the digital video domain is an area of expertise in which we excel. Since then we have gained extensive experience in developing robust and flexible solutions for multiple system operators, varying from small to large projects.

Supply chain

Our engineers have developed customized and innovative solutions that identify, respond and mitigate the challenges that supply chain management enterprises face every day. These applications included functionalities for warehouse management, production, replenishment, order-picking and many more. In addition, seamless integration with existing applications was ensured.


The healthcare industry is increasingly taking advantage of software solutions and mobile apps. Through our long-term experience developing software for the healthcare sector, we are familiar with the qualifications, standards and procedures that this domain requires. Our team has developed back-end, front-end and mobile applications.


The automotive industry is one of the more challenging areas where software development is becoming more important. Hightech ICT has delivered several successful projects, developing solutions for safer driving, mobility and navigation.

A selection of our cases

We've partnered with various business and software leaders to ensure that our customers benefit from reliability and originality in all our software solutions. Have a look at our cases and learn more about our best practices.

Customs Netherlands

Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Customs is responsible for safety and fair trade in areas where a lot of activity takes place, such as the airports and the port of Rotterdam. Customs is charged with collecting import duties, but also investigates smugglers and prohibited

ONWARD Medical

ONWARD Medical is a medical research company that focuses on the repair of nerves in the neck and back of patients with spinal cord injury. Their goal is to give mobility and self-reliance back to people who lack it because of their disability. Problem Patients

Signify ServiceTag

The ServiceTag solution from Signify is put in place to simplify the installation, maintenance and programming of LED luminaires from street lights to indoor lighting. ServiceTag is a QR-based identification system designed specifically for each luminaire. A simple scan of the code provides essential installation,

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