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Software services

Developer augmentation

Since our foundation in 2007 we have been helping our customers to extend their teams by offering software development management services. Our team consists of very talented engineers with an IT background at bachelor or master level. They have mastered all aspects of the software development life cycle and can develop high-quality solutions using the latest technologies in JAVA, C# / .NET and Mobile. Our portfolio includes back-end, front-end and mobile development.

Cloud development strategy

Nowadays customers want to run their applications in the cloud more often. This requires either migration of their applications into the cloud or the development of new cloud-ready applications. Hightech ICT is specialized in cloud migrations and advises your business with the optimal cloud migration strategy. Once the strategy has been determined, we will act as your number one partner by helping you to carry out this strategy.

Hightech ICT has expertise and experience in all stages (the five R’s) of cloud migration: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, and Replace.

Legacy software migration

Legacy systems are regularly causing operational delays, excessive work-force and bad user-experience. We have gained a lot of experience in modernizing these legacy systems with minimum disruption to the business. After analysis of the legacy application we create a detailed migration cookbook, describing what needs to be done from development up to deployment of the application. By using modern technology, the obsolete software gets migrated into innovative and future-proof solutions.

Service-level agreements

The commitment of Hightech ICT doesn’t stop at the successful delivery of custom developed applications. Our services can be extended with a service-level agreement to ensure that the business-critical solutions keep running smoothly. A team with dedicated specialists will provide tiered levels of support with round the clock attention to critical issues and incidents. Our support is highly scalable and can also include active system monitoring, backup and recovery or performing a health check of systems.


Our team of highly qualified professionals can help you get more value from your IT, ranging from expert advice on your current software architectures, through to creating a comprehensive software development strategy and optimizing your existing solutions. By acting as a technical partner and performing solid assessments, we can help you increase the quality and applicability of your software architectures.

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