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Archive: Cases

Customs Netherlands

Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Customs is responsible for safety and fair trade in areas where a lot of activity takes place, such as the airports and the port of Rotterdam. Customs is charged with collecting import duties, but also investigates smugglers and prohibited

ONWARD Medical

ONWARD Medical is a medical research company that focuses on the repair of nerves in the neck and back of patients with spinal cord injury. Their goal is to give mobility and self-reliance back to people who lack it because of their disability. Problem Patients

Signify ServiceTag

The ServiceTag solution from Signify is put in place to simplify the installation, maintenance and programming of LED luminaires from street lights to indoor lighting. ServiceTag is a QR-based identification system designed specifically for each luminaire. A simple scan of the code provides essential installation,

Femmasse Heat and MLS

Femmasse develops software tools that predict concrete behavior, to be used by concrete engineers, concrete material specialists and concrete scientists. These tools have a proven track record in numerous construction projectsworld wide, such as a bridge between Denmark and Sweden and an immersed tube tunnel.

TNO Pulsim

Last year, we released PulsimSuite, including a fully developed Graphical User Interface, enabling an efficient and intuitive workflow. This allows our customers to buy or lease our software for their own usage.

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