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Archive: Cases

SeaChange Business Management Suite

The SeaChange Adrenalin Business Management Suite delivers integrated promotional and business analytics tools, which empowers service providers to fully merchandise their on-demand content through bundling and promotions.

KPN Digitenne/Kassa

The KPN Digitenne Kassa management tool handles smartcard and subscription management requests, providing (de)activation messages to the conditional access system that is responsible for updating smartcards.

SeaChange Business Intelligence

HightechICT was asked to design and implement a Business Intelligence system for SeaChange, that collects and analyzes allowing a company to optimize operational processes and gain insight in performance and usage.

APRICO Solutions

HightechICT was responsible for the development of APRICO, a revolutionary and award winning video content recommendation and targeting technology for TV, implemented as an extremely scalable SaaS deployed in the cloud.

SeaChange Digital TV

In 2006 the development of a VoD back-office solution was started that allows customers to have total control of all of their VoD processes like content ingestion, product definition, asset encryption and asset transcoding.

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