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Signify ServiceTag

The ServiceTag solution from Signify is put in place to simplify the installation, maintenance and programming of LED luminaires from street lights to indoor lighting. ServiceTag is a QR-based identification system designed specifically for each luminaire. A simple scan of the code provides essential installation,

Femmasse Heat and MLS

Femmasse develops software tools that predict concrete behavior, to be used by concrete engineers, concrete material specialists and concrete scientists. These tools have a proven track record in numerous construction projectsworld wide, such as a bridge between Denmark and Sweden and an immersed tube tunnel.


Pack4Printing is a cloud-native solution that optimizes 3D printing processes by utilizing an improved nesting algorithm for Laser-Sintering printers. This results in a higher density, which improves printing capacity and enables our customers to print their products more efficiently and cutting costs as a result.

TomTom Intelligent Traffic System

We developed an intelligent traffic system, designed towards a future where real-time, traffic related data is exchanged between infrastructure and vehicle. This to raise safety, efficiency and environmentally friendly mobility.

SeaChange Business Management Suite

The SeaChange Adrenalin Business Management Suite delivers integrated promotional and business analytics tools, which empowers service providers to fully merchandise their on-demand content through bundling and promotions.

KPN Digitenne/Kassa

The KPN Digitenne Kassa management tool handles smartcard and subscription management requests, providing (de)activation messages to the conditional access system that is responsible for updating smartcards.

TomTom NavKit SDK

NavKit is the TomTom navigation engine that is used in the latest TomTom Go apps. A complete reference navigation application (SDK) was created, containing tutorials that explain the most important parts of the API in more detail.

SeaChange Business Intelligence

HightechICT was asked to design and implement a Business Intelligence system for SeaChange, that collects and analyzes allowing a company to optimize operational processes and gain insight in performance and usage.

APRICO Solutions

HightechICT was responsible for the development of APRICO, a revolutionary and award winning video content recommendation and targeting technology for TV, implemented as an extremely scalable SaaS deployed in the cloud.

SeaChange Digital TV

In 2006 the development of a VoD back-office solution was started that allows customers to have total control of all of their VoD processes like content ingestion, product definition, asset encryption and asset transcoding.

TNO Pulsim

Last year, we released PulsimSuite, including a fully developed Graphical User Interface, enabling an efficient and intuitive workflow. This allows our customers to buy or lease our software for their own usage.

TNO PreScan

TNO is renowned for their applied automotive research, which is carried out using various simulation tools. TNO PreScan contributes to automotive research by creating realistic images as input for camera sensor systems.

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