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Ziggo TViX

Ziggo is a national media and communications service provider. Ziggo serves approximately 2.8 million households, 2.0 million broadband Internet customers, 2.3 million digital television customers and 1.6 million telephone subscribers. Customers can use the Ziggo application on iOS and Android to watch television or video on demand on their mobile phones and tablets. For more information, see Ziggo.


For the Ziggo TViX project a team of Hightech ICT and Phoqus developers built two systems for facilitating an easy and safe integration between the application and the back office.


The first system is a gateway that provides a way for the devices to talk to the back office. Its purpose is to aggregate and modify miscellaneous responses from the back office into datasets that the applications can use. Authentication, caching and fault handling are being provided by this gateway as well by means of a pipeline of filters, making the application easily modifiable and extendable for future change requests.

The second system is an application that handles device management and whitelisting. Whenever a mobile device needs to be provisioned this system will make the link between the mobile device and the customer. The system handles the provisioning to all other back office systems as well as more complex functions that the back office cannot handle very well (for example the top-10 of streams, complex session concurrency). Besides these two systems the team also supplied tooling for monitoring operations and helping customers with problems.

Tools and techniques

Key technologies in the application toolstack are Java, Groovy, Tomcat, Apache Cassandra, Netflix OSS components (Zuul, Hystrix, Archaius & Turbine), OpenUI5, Apache CXF, Apache Olingo, Memcached, Varnish and Hadoop/Hive. The development toolstack consists of Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, Confluence and Jira.

Ziggo TViX

Customer: Ziggo
Industry: Digital TV
Solution: TViX
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