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Signify ServiceTag

The ServiceTag solution from Signify is put in place to simplify the installation, maintenance and programming of LED luminaires from street lights to indoor lighting. ServiceTag is a QR-based identification system designed specifically for each luminaire. A simple scan of the code provides essential installation, maintenance and spare part information for all next generation luminaires, poles and packaging.


The process of placing, maintaining and replacing LED luminaires require different processes to conventional luminaires. These processes generally take a lot of time, since all information is distributed throughout different systems. This process needs to be made simpler for installers that are distributed worldwide on different locations.


The ServiceTag solution was born from the problem stated above. There’s a lot of distributed information that needs to be combined in one central location. With the ServiceTag application we provided a backend together with a backoffice portal to manipulate all data. Using many different workers that run on schedules within AWS we collect data from different sources,  the backend will then relate this data to each other for the mobile app to use.

The backend provides all combined data for a mobile app that is being used by the installers in the field. The app provides the following features:

  • Find detailed pictures of the luminaire
  • Read manuals related to this specific luminaire
  • Find and order spareparts for the specific luminaire
  • Reprogram the luminaire on the go
Signify ServiceTag

Customer: Signify
Industry: Software development
Solution: ServiceTag
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