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SeriesSoftLinker Divverence

In the world of Digital TV, Multi-System Operators (MSO’s) are facing the challenges of a continuously changing experience of broadcasting. In this heavily competitive market consumers are using more and more bandwidth, forcing MSO’s to innovate and facilitate these demands.


What if MSO’s want to add a series concept to their set-top box in order to provide a ‘watch next episode’ functionality? When the back-office doesn’t support this concept and the vendor is not capable to extend the back-office within time and money constraints, the operator needs to go for an external customization based upon the current supported back-office functionality. With the SeriesSoftLinker application, Hightech ICT and Divverence specialists have developed a solution that removes these barriers.


The SeriesSoftLinker is a 24/7 running application that monitors an ingest folder for new TVA file ingests. On startup it requests a Content Management System for a full TVA file drop, so that after processing this full TVA file the SeriesSoftLinker is aware of the complete catalog structure.

After each ingested file is processed by the SeriesSoftLinker, it analyses the changes and determines the desired ‘state’ for each title (i.e. whether it should have a series softlink or not). For each title the actual ‘state’ is retrieved via the OnlineApi and transformed via OnlineApi call to the desired ‘state’.

SeriesSoftLinker Divverence

Customer: Divverence
Industry: Digital TV
Solution: SeriesSoftLinker application
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