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3D printing is still a young, but rapidly growing market. It will expand, changing production and our daily lives in the near future. With the emergence of 3D printers and its market opportunities, the need for software supporting 3D printing processes becomes tremendous, creating a huge potential for new solutions and software services.


In some areas, the 3D printing market faces a need for major improvements. Optimization of the printing process and minimization of costs can be achieved by:

  • Increasing efficiency due to elimination of manual labor
  • Increasing print capacity by using more efficient nesting algorithms
  • Increasing printer utilization by generating packed jobs quickly and on demand


Hightech ICT, specialist in process automation, recognizes the potential of software solutions that support 3D printing processes. We have established a dedicated vertical that develops solutions for the 3D printing market and its enterprises, focussing on automating, optimizing and maximizing 3D printing processes.

The Pack4Printing solution, developed by Hightech ICT, is a cloud-native solution that supports easy up- and downscaling based upon load of the input models. Pack4Printing optimizes 3D printing processes by utilizing an improved nesting algorithm for Laser-Sintering printers. This results in a higher density, which improves printing capacity and enables our customers to print their products more efficiently, cutting costs as a result.

Licensing model
  • Payment model based upon usage
  • (Cloud) solution provides high availability
  • Service-level agreements (SLA) models available

Customer: Hightech ICT
Industry: 3D Printing
Solution: Pack4Printing
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