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ONWARD Medical ARC Therapy

ONWARD Medical is a medical research company that focuses on the repair of nerves in the neck and back of patients with spinal cord injury. Their goal is to give mobility and self-reliance back to people who lack it because of their disability.


Patients with spinal cord damage, for example due to a spinal cord injury, have a lot of trouble with daily activities. They need support in everything, which leads to a great dependence on care and a feeling of hopelessness in the patient concerned. ONWARD wants to give these patients back their freedom and independence by means of electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.


ONWARD develops products to help patients regain control of their body using electrical stimulation. This product mainly targets the lower half of the body. Most patients who participated in the program can now take their first steps again (carefully & without a wheelchair).

After developing a product with internal stimulation (by means of an implant in the spinal cord), ONWARD also developed a product for external stimulation. Patients with nerve-related complaints in the upper body can benefit from this.

The systems consist of several components, including mobile applications and embedded systems, all of which must be of very high quality in connection with the risk of collateral damage to a patient. Through extensive testing, both manual and automated, ONWARD keeps an eye on the quality of their products. In this way, patients regain the physical functions with which they considerably increase the quality of life, in a way that suits the patient.

ONWARD Medical

Customer: ONWARD Medical
Industry: Medical
Solution: ARC Therapy
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