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Femmasse Heat/MLS

Femmasse develops software tools that predict concrete behavior, to be used by concrete engineers, concrete material specialists and concrete scientists.
These tools have a proven track record in numerous construction projectsworld wide, such as a bridge between Denmark and Sweden and an immersed tube tunnel.


The released HEAT/MLS application is heavily used in the market and needs extensions and maintenance. The application is written in Vb6, without any unit or integration tests, and maintenance becomes harder and harder. The goal is to upgrade/migrate the code base to the .NET framework and make a stable basis for extending and maintaining the application.


Selected target language : Vb.Net.

The application has been migrated step by step, where in each step additional unit and integration tests have been added for safeguarding the application logic.
The complex calculation engine has been split off, opening the possibily to run the calculations (i.e. the intellectual property) in the cloud.

Femmasse Heat and MLS

Customer: Femmasse
Industry: Software development
Solution: Heat / MLS
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