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Customs Netherlands

Within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Customs is responsible for safety and fair trade in areas where a lot of activity takes place, such as the airports and the port of Rotterdam. Customs is charged with collecting import duties, but also investigates smugglers and prohibited goods.


As part of the European Union, the Netherlands participates in the free trade agreement with other European member states. It is important to track transports with goods on which tax has to be paid. By tracking the shipments, in a digital way, Member States can determine how much tax has to be paid to which country.

This is particularly important for excise goods such as beer, wine, tobacco and oil.

For a smooth flow of free trade in Europe, it is important that Customs builds a high-quality system for this.


Customs is developing a tracking system for the transport of excise goods. This system is responsible for exchanging data with Customs from other Member States. It also provides a handle for customs officers to check on special or deviating transports.

Customs Netherlands

Customer: Customs
Industry: Software development
Solution: ECMS
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