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Our people

Technology is our strength, inclusivity is our culture

Meet our professionals

Our company is shaped by more than 25 passionate employees. Read some of their daily experiences at Hightech ICT in the stories below.

Senior full-stack developer

Currently I am working on in a small scrum team of three developers and one architect. We develop software in-house for one of our key customers. As a full-stack developer, I am touching all parts of the code when developing a new feature. We use Angular for the frontend, NodeJS for the backend, PostgreSQL as database, and all this is running in Docker containers in the AWS cloud. In the morning we have our daily stand-up so everyone knows what to do and has no blocking issues. After our two-week sprint, we evaluate our sprint demo with our customer and do the sprint planning together.

Hightech ICT is a small group of passionate software developers that really love what they are doing. We keep each other updated by our bi-monthly tech talk, by one of the colleagues that has something interesting to share. Besides software, fun is key within the company. We have our yearly road trip (think of Dublin and Glasgow), a barbeque in the summer, and there is room for more activities like go-karting or an escape room. Working at Hightech ICT means working with highly skilled people. Working at Hightech ICT means fun!

Medior full-stack developer

I am working on both front-end and back-end parts of applications, developing new features and enhancing user experience. My work also involves organizing data flows, analyzing and structuring big amounts of data, doing stress tests and finding solutions for these situations.

Hightech ICT succeeds truly in offering a nice working environment that is open to innovation and friendly. Everyone helps each other. The highly professional features of employees are widespread and shared rapidly. And it is not just about coding. It is about the people that work here. Everyone enjoys being part of a family where you can work, learn, develop yourself and have fun. It is an experience in itself.

Agile coach

As an Agile coach you are working with other people every day, every hour. People who love, like, dislike or even hate becoming Agile. It is about working with multiple types of persons, like craftsmen (developers, testers, architects), business people (product owners, requirements engineers) and process people (scrum masters, project leaders). Most these people are working in teams with the dynamics of different (professional) backgrounds.

As coach you are using different techniques such as teaching, mentoring, asking the right questions to help out in exploring and exploiting all benefits of the Agile way of working, and of course bumping into some disadvantages as well.

Hightech ICT allows you to explore new professional ways, so you can change from software/requirements engineering to the scrum master/product owner and to Agile coaching.

Senior software developer

I joined the team as senior developer to build a warehouse management system (WMS) for a paint factory. Over the years, the product grew into ERP-software that empowers most departments: R&D, production and the distribution center.

My tasks consist of talking with stakeholders to figure out requirements and convert them into user stories and finally implement these user stories. Within the team, which for the biggest part consists of colleagues of Hightech ICT, I fulfill the role of architect: I help the team understand the architecture and coach my colleagues to write code that complies with it. As being part of a DevOps team, every now and again I help end-users perform exceptional tasks with our software, or – even more exceptional – fix a bug in our software.

Within Hightech ICT I perform job interviews to find out the skill level of potential new colleagues. So no two working days are the same for me. Hightech ICT is a great company to work for! It is still small enough to know all your colleagues and gives you the opportunity to influence what is going on within the company. Yet, the company is large enough to give you the chance to work for interesting customers or inhouse projects.

Senior full-stack developer

Although my preference is front-end development, I found out through the years that some experience on all levels has a lot of benefits. I’m involved in most of the design decisions of the applications we build in our customer team and the rest of the day I like to write clean reasonable code which is unit tested.

Hightech ICT is a nice company without bureaucracy, with a quality over quantity mentality. It’s a small company in which you are able to influence the direction it is growing.

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