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Throughout the years

Hightech ICT express

Software technologies evolve rapidly. Anticipating the demand for software developers with a deep understanding of the latest technologies, Hightech ICT is founded with 7 employees. Specializing in JAVA and C# (.NET) technologies, Hightech ICT focuses on software development enterprises in the South of the Netherlands.



Hightech ICT partners with SeaChange (formerly Eventis) to co-develop solutions for the digital video market.

On track


Customers such as Philips and ASML are very satisfied with the high degree of professionalism that Hightech ICT delivers. The company grows to over 20 employees and carries out its first digital television assignment for KPN.

Business marriage


Collaboration with other members of the Phoqus Group intensifies. Regional enterprises value the high quality of delivered end-to-end services and software solutions, resulting in Hightech ICT becoming a preferred supplier. Hightech ICT welcomes another 10 new employees.

Technology is key


Recognizing the strength of Agile and Scrum, Hightech ICT empowers its team to accomplish software projects with these methodologies. Hightech ICT has earned a high reputation of being the best software development company in the Dutch high-tech region.

Digital video, digital television


Hightech ICT establishes the vertical Divverence. Divverence delivers robust and flexible software solutions to Multiple System Operators by combining technical expertise in software engineering with extensive experience in the digital video arena.

Decennial of Hightech ICT


While celebrating the decennial anniversary, Hightech ICT expands its core activities. Two new verticals are born: The Cloud Movement and 3D Printing.

The Cloud Movement


Hightech ICT becomes the leading regional player in cloud architecture and is continuously adopting new cloud technologies. Combining extensive cloud knowledge with Scrum and Agile methodologies, Hightech ICT is able to help customers, with seamless cloud migrations and solutions to bring their organizations to the cloud.

Hightech Achievement Award


Hightech ICT will launch its Hightech Achievement Award, encouraging skilled young-professionals to pursue ambitions, share ideas and expertise, creating inventive software together.

The future...

Technology will remain key at Hightech ICT. Our goal is to create a suitable working environment for our developers, enabling them to improve and enrich their skills for the future.

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