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How we work

A reliable partner that translates your business needs into software

Our customers are our partners. We establish long term relationships through open and clear communication, mutual respect and tight collaboration.

Why Hightech ICT?

We understand that your business needs reliable applications that seamlessly fit into your environment and support your daily operations. To achieve this, we join forces with our customers and act as a technical partner. This approach allows us to build future-proof software and enables us to form strong relationships with our customers, that last many years.

Hightech ICT embraces the Agile way of working

We firmly believe that an Agile way of working strengthens the successful delivery of  software development projects. Open, clear communication and mutual respect are also major contributors to success.

At the beginning of each project, Hightech ICT assigns a dedicated team that will work closely with stakeholders throughout the project. The team will be cross-functional and includes all required functional specialists who carry out the project together from start to finish.

How we design, build, and deliver projects

Our Agile and lean way of working ensures that we are able to switch priorities at short notice to meet the business needs of our customers.


Before the team starts the development of the software, it initially will discuss the functionality with the stakeholders to gain in-depth knowledge required for developing the correct features. For each sprint the stakeholder determines the high priority features to be developed. Our team will be the counterpart to translate this into technical user stories. This minimizes the overall risk and allows the product to adapt to changes quickly.

The selection of the technology and tools will be determined by what is the most suitable for the project, either proven or the latest technology.

Once the software is developed, it will be verified and validated with the customer by means of demos. The requirements and software evolves through the collaborative effort of our team and the customer.

Maintenance & support

We offer a wide range of support levels to ensure continuity of the software product within the customers’ environment, varying from contracts based upon the actual hours spent on support, to extensive 24/7 service-level agreements.

Talk to us about your project

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to maximize your business value by applying our knowledge and experience.

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