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VanDerLande OPM

Project Description

VanDerLande designs, builds and services leading baggage handling systems for airports of all sizes.
Luggage belt

To distinguish itself in the market, VanDerLande builds, besides baggage handling hardware, also software to plan, operate and monitor the daily baggage handling systems. Hightech ICT contributes to the success of the baggage planning system called: OPM (Operational Plan Manager) which is part of the VanDerLande software suite called VIBES.


OPM is built on Oracle enterprise technology (database + JEE application server) and fully build in Java. Its user interface is a highly sophisticated WPF application written in C# .NET (WPF). These two technologies combined can deliver very powerful applications and Hightech ICT is able to deliver resources that are familiar with both technologies.

Beside technology, Hightech ICT is enabling VanDerLande to organize the software teams to work more efficiently by following Agile practices. Project leads are now enabled to track the team progress more accurately and developers and designers can give more realistic estimations, making the software development process more reliable and predictable.

OPM is (among others) operational now on London Heathrow airport (UK), see London Heathrow Terminal 5.

Project Details

  • Client VanDerLande
  • Date 29 January, 2015
  • Tags Software development

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