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TomTom Intelligent Traffic System

Project Description

ITS Vienna 2012 was the first presentation of the Testfeld Telematik project. Besides TomTom in the consortium are companies like Kapsch, Asfinag, Siemens and Swarco. (see also: Testfeld Telematik) The project will improve knowledge and implementation towards a future with real-time (traffic related) information between infrastructure and vehicle. This to raise safety, efficiency and environmentally friendly mobility.

TomTom delivered a tablet with the TomTom (development) navigation platform. It is extended with an interface to visualize dynamic speed signs, (re)direction signs, greenwave, trafficlight countdown (etsi: SPAT + TOPO standards), Park&Ride and flight information. The tablets use a Kapsch WiFi-p gateway (802.11p) to receive messages from the infrastructure. The infrastructure broadcasts messages coming directly from the Vienna Traffic Center.

The received messages are visualized and if possible any delays or closure are injected in the navigation engine to provide an optimised route and better estimated time of arrival to the user.

The platform runs Android and we developed several Android services to handle all information. We have services for: Bluetooth communication towards the gateway, Visualisation service which renders composed images, the Logging service, a Survey widget and the main application that verifies if a message should be visualized or otherwise handled at the current location.

Every tablet gives feedback to the backoffice of TomTom, therefore we developed several J2EE applications (running on JBoss) that handle this feedback, e.g. location of the device, logging of visualized messages and the answers to the user survey that can be filled in after each trip.

Project Details

  • Client TomTom
  • Date 31 December, 2013
  • Tags Android development

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