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What we can do for you

Consultancy and Software Architecture

HighTech ICT provides a broad range of innovative and high quality technical advisory services for software development. We offer a high level of expertise ranging from decision making to implementation.
We increase the quality and applicability of software architectures by performing solid architecture assessments.


HighTech ICT specialists have a technical background at an academic level. Their knowledge is constantly updated through internal and external training, coaching-on-the-job and customer collaboration. They are proficient in the latest relevant methodologies and techniques. HighTech ICT specialists range from software engineers and designers to software architects.

Agile and Scrum

High tech ICT offers the following services to embed Agile and Scrum in your organisation:

  • Certified Scrum Masters to facilitate and to guarantee a smooth Scrum process for software development teams.
  • Certified Product owners to define the software requirements together with the stakeholders and clearly explain these to the software developers.
  • Certified Scrum Professionals to advise and manage your entire organisation (from management to software developers) in the process to embed Agile and Scrum.
  • Interactive Agile and Scrum trainings or workshops that are fully tailor made for fitting the needs of your organisation.


In addition to quality, innovation, creativity and professionalism, our specialists focus on modern development methods, languages and techniques, including Scrum, XP, Test Driven Development, C# /.NET, Java Enterprise Edition, C++ and UML.

Meet and Greet our experts

16 April 2016 : NextBuild Eindhoven
The NextBuild Conference is intended for developers/architectects who are passionate
about software development and want to learn, meet and share.
More information can be found here


26 January 2016 : Workshop Management 3.0
Workshop Management 3.0; How to transform the way of working on January 26 in ‘s Hertogenbosch, presented by Ralph van Roosmalen.
Workshop materials and references can be found here.

30 May 2015 : NextBuild Eindhoven
Presentation by Sander Kooijmans about ‘How invariants help writing loops
Handouts can be downloaded here

17 April 2015 : ProgSCon 2015
Presentation by Sander Kooijmans about ‘How invariants help writing loops
Handouts can be downloaded here

20-22 August 2014 : ALE2014 Krakow
Presentation by Sander Kooijmans about ‘Let Tests Drive or let Dijkstra Derive?

27 November 2014 : XPDays
Presentation by Bas Bossink and Bart de Boer about ‘Functional Programming and Test Driven Development

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