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HighTech ICT for your Phoqus on high quality services

HighTech ICT is a member of the Phoqus group

Who we are

Our specialists have a technical background at an academic level. Their knowledge is constantly updated through internal and external training, coaching-on-the-job and customer collaboration. They are proficient in the latest relevant methodologies and techniques.

What we do

We provide high quality software services by offering the best possible solutions to its clients. We build lasting relationships with employees and clients, fullfilling expectations and aspirations. We encourage open collaboration with respect for individual excellence.

Our expertise

In addition to quality, innovation, creativity and professionalism, our specialists focus on modern development methods, languages and techniques, including Scrum, XP, Test Driven Development, C# /.NET, Java Enterprise Edition, Html5 and UML.


Colleagues wanted!

Are you a confident, creative and ambitious professional with a technical background, an Agile way of working, experienced with C#, Java, Html5 or Javascript? Come join us!

HighTech ICT professionals are innovative, creative and daring. We create the best solutions for our clients. We develop and manage state-of-the-art software. When doing so, we balance the human and technical aspects of software development. We believe in quality, professionalism and fun.

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